What if I've experienced a Manufacturer's Defect?

Freewaters is happy to offer a one year warranty against all of our products. Our one year warranty is a reflection of our commitment to excellence in design, manufacturing and performance. We highly recommend saving your receipt or proof of purchase for a year to ensure your coverage. That is a long way of saying we stand behind our product! 😊

If you have purchased your Freewaters through a different retailer:
Please contact that retailer first to see what their return and warranty policy is to determine if they are able and willing to assist you. This is typically the quickest way to receive a replacement pair or refund. We highly recommend a phone call, and asking to speak to the store manager to ensure that you are speaking with someone who will know the most about the store's policy, and ensuring that person will be there when you plan to go to the store.

If you have purchased your Freewaters directly through Freewaters.com we are happy to assist you! If the outside retailer is not able or willing to honor your warranty claim and you are within the year of coverage period then we are also able to help you. Kindly note, we do not refund your purchase. Our warranty policy is to replace your footwear with the same thing or the closest style/color available at the time that you make your warranty claim. If you bought your footwear from a different retailer, we do not have your money, and cannot refund money to you in any way for any reason.

How to determine if you have experienced a manufacturer's defect:

Period of coverage:
1 year from the date of purchase

What's covered:

  • Materials Failure: Tears or rips in the materials or seams (that are not a result of sports or extreme circumstances)
  • Delamination or separation of the layers of the sole, welting, or foxing
  • Glue Failure
  • Toe post or straps pulling out or broken
  • Failure of buckles, eyelets, or grommets

What's not covered:

  • Excessive wear and tear
  • User damaged, either accidently or on purpose
  • Molded rubber straps (called Zoris) breaking or pulling out
  • Foot beds with fabric, cork or printed graphics
  • Decorative trim including stitch lines, beads, gems, badges
  • Water damage
  • Heat damage
  • Your pet chewing them up
  • Skateboard/bike abuse
  • Cleaning agents/chemicals damage
  • Other strange and unusual punishment

How to report a warranty claim:
Please visit the warranty claim page of our website to submit your claim and our Customer Service Department will follow up with you.
Freewaters Warranty Claim

Apr 26, 2024

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