Why are my leather sandals staining my feet?

It is a very common occurrence with all dyed leather products that some bleeding or transfer of dye is possible.

With footwear it is even more prevalent due to the natural oils and sweat that our feet release throughout the day which introduce the perfect environment for dye transfer… wetness!

In addition, consider the amount of time that your feet are in contact with the leather of your sandal footbed, potentially 2-12 straight hours, making dye-bleeding in footwear a larger concern for some people than it would be with a handbag or jacket that has a lining.

Please understand that we use all natural dyes and this transfer of dye to your foot is not harmful to you.

If you are noticing that your feet are picking up the dye transfer, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • We recommend to wash your feet each evening before going to bed to avoid a buildup of the dye on the bottom of your feet.
  • Keeping a pumice stone in your shower is also a great way to get the dye off and good for softening your feet!
  • The transfer of dye will cease over time as you break in your sandals.
  • Initially, avoid wearing your leather sandals in situations where you are likely to encounter environmental water elements, like rainy days, and the pool, lake or beach until you no longer have the experience of dye bleeding.  This will help to avoid a higher transfer of dye onto your feet.
  • You can also treat your leather sandals with a leather protector that will create a barrier between your feet and the dye. 
  • Black leather sandals are more prone to dye transfer than brown, and Tan dye is least likely to noticeably transfer.  Results may vary depending upon skin tone.

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